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Dealer Infrastructure Guidelines

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Click here to view security guidelines

As technology continues to grow, GM Customer Care & Aftersales continues to test, evaluate and recommend infrastructure guidelines for GM Dealers that will increase productivity, efficiencies and network security.

GM Customer Care & Aftersales is getting ready to deploy the next generation of vehicle diagnostics called GM Global Diagnostic Systems, GDS. GDS will provide your Multiple Diagnostic Interface or MDI with the diagnostic abilities to allow communications with the next generation of vehicle architecture. GDS can be run in a wireless environment which will allow the mobility of PC devices and technician in-vehicle diagnostics. Laptops or Tablets will also be necessary for your technician to take a vehicle test drive and analyze data. GM Customer Care & Aftersales has updated the GM Dealer IT Techline Guidelines so you can understand the network and hardware infrastructure that is necessary to optimize your network and fully utilize Techline application to properly repair vehicles.

To allow you to plan for your Techline infrastructure needs going forward, click on the link above to download the Dealer IT Techline Guidelines in PDF format.

For additional information, please contact Techline Customer Support
at 1-800-828-6860 or speak to your local Field Service Engineer.

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